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PATIENT FALLS: Humpty Dumpty Falls Prevention Program(TM) for children

After discovering a lack of patient fall prevention programs tailored to the needs of children, the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital (Miami, FL) developed the Humpty Dumpty Falls Prevention Program(TM), which has been adopted for use by over 1100 hospitals worldwide.  Both articles describe the development process and the tool itself.  In comparing data on children who fall, it was discovered that children with these characteristics were most likely to fall:

  • Children under age 3
  • Adolescents who have neurological diagnosis


  1. Gonzalez, J., Hill-Rodriguez, D., Hernandez, L.M., and others. (2016, June). Nurse Leader, 14(3), 212-218.  Click here: http://www.nurseleader.com/article/S1541-4612%2815%2930014-8/pdf
  2. [This earlier article is available in free full text]: Hill-Rodriguez, D., Messmer, P.R., Williams, P.D., and others. (2008, Jan.). The Humpty Dumpty Falls Scale: A case-control study. Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing, 14(2), 22-32.  Click here: https://www.nicklauschildrens.org/NCH/media/docs/pdf/Humpty-Dumpty-Journal-of-Pediatric-Specialists.pdf    Posted by AHA Resource Center (312) 422-2050, rc@aha.org
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