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Core Competencies for Behavioral Health Providers Working in Primary Care

Eight core competencies for licensed behavioral health providers working in primary care have been defined by a Colorado consensus group. Each of the following competencies are further expanded, and examples are provided:

  1. Identify and assess behavioral health needs as part of a primary care team
  2. Engage and activate patients in their care
  3. Work as a primary care team member to create and implement care plans that address behavioral health issues
  4. Help observe and improve care team function and relationships
  5. Communicate effectively with other providers, staff, and patients
  6. Provide efficient and effective care delivery that meets the needs of the population of the primary care setting
  7. Provide culturally responsive, whole-person and family-oriented care
  8. Understand, value, and adapt to the diverse professional cultures of an integrated care team

Source: Miller BF and others. Core competencies for behavioral health providers working in primary care. Prepared for Colorado Consensus Conference, Feb. 2016. Organized by Eugene S. Farley Jr. Health Policy Center, University of Colorado School of Medicine. http://www.umassmed.edu/globalassets/center-for-integrated-primary-care/non-images-links-etc/resources/core-competencies-for-behavioral-health-providers-working-in-primary-care.pdf

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