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What’s the Average Cost of an ER Visit? December 2015 Update

The average cost for an emergency room visit in the nation for 2013 was $1423, while the median cost was $703. Regionally in the U.S., costs were higher in the South and West and lower in the Northeast and Midwest:

  • Northeast: $1328 mean, $648 median
  • Midwest: $1372 mean, $639 median
  • South: $1487 mean, $752 median
  • West: $1452 mean, $$719 median

Other data from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s Medical Expenditure Panel Survey include ER expense data by patient age, gender, race/ethnicity, health insurance status, income status, and perceived health status. Based on the population sample used in the survey, 13.4% of the national population had emergency room expenses in 2013.

Source: Medical expenditure panel survey, household, table 6: emergency room service-median and mean expenses per person with expense and distribution of expenses by source of payment: United States, 2013, facility and SBD expenses. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, latest table generated online, Dec. 30, 2015 at http://meps.ahrq.gov/mepsweb/data_stats/tables_compendia_hh_interactive.jsp?_SERVICE=MEPSSocket0&_PROGRAM=MEPSPGM.TC.SAS&File=HCFY2013&Table=HCFY2013%5FPLEXP%5FE&VAR1=AGE&VAR2=SEX&VAR3=RACETH5C&VAR4=INSURCOV&VAR5=POVCAT13&VAR6=REGION&VAR7=HEALTH&VARO1=4+17+44+64&VARO2=1&VARO3=1&VARO4=1&VARO5=1&VARO6=1&VARO7=1&_Debug=

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