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Top 25 Integrated Health Systems – 2015 Update

SK&A has released its annual ranking of the largest integrated health systems. Based on the most facilities — hospitals, medical offices and groups, and nursing homes — the top five on the list are:

  1. Ascension Health – 2069 facilities
  2. Community Health System Inc. – 2038 facilities
  3. HCA Inc. – 1569 facilities
  4. Trinity Health – 1323 facilities
  5. Kaiser Permanente – 1005 facilities

Community Health System has the most hospitals – 207- but just announced it was spinning off 38 of its rural facilities to a newly independent subsidiary. Ascension Health has the most medical offices or groups [1890], while Kaiser Permanente has the largest number of physicians [8704]. Ascension Health is also the integrated system with the most nursing homes [43].


Top 25 integrated health systems; SK&A Market Insight Report, August 2015. http://www.skainfo.com/reports/top-integrated-health-systems [free registration may be needed]

Brino A. Community Health Systems spins off 38 rural hospitals to focus on regional networks. HealthcareFinance.com, Aug. 3, 2015. http://www.healthcarefinancenews.com/news/spin-lets-community-health-systems-focus-regional-networks

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