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What’s Next Health and Pioneering Ideas: 2 Podcast Series Exploring Big Ideas from Big Thinkers

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is sponsoring two series of podcasts and related blog posts designed to spark new ideas about health and health care.

The What’s Next Health: Conversations with Pioneers video series connects with ‘great thinkers inside and outside of healthcare” to explore big ideas and inspire discovery. The Pioneering Ideas podcasts explore “cutting-edge ideas and emerging trends” with visionary leaders.

Examples of the thought leaders and discussions in the two series include:

  • Rachel Botsman, an expert on the sharing economy whose TED talk on the subject has been viewed nearly a million times, discusses the potential to apply sharing/collaborative economy principles to different aspects of health.
  • Mike Painter, RWJF senior program officer, explores the many ways in which the Foundation’s innovative grantees and others are reimagining medical education.
  • Sal Khan, visionary founder of Khan Academy, talks about huge shifts in learning and knowledge sharing and what they mean for health and health care.
  • Jessica Green, founding director of the BioBE (Biology and the Built Environment Center), explores how good germs might lead to healthier buildings and healthier lives.
  • Jake Porway, a data scientist and machine-learning enthusiast, talks about big data, a topic that is literally growing each day in its relevance to our work.
  • Nate Garvis, founder and author of Naked Civics, shares insights on entrepreneurial thinking and how it can be applied to build a culture of health.
  • Sheena Iyengar, inaugural S.T. Lee Professor of Business at Columbia Business School and author of The Art of Choosing, explains the art and science of choice, including how and why we make the choices we do.


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