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Price Transparency in Health Care

The push for hospital price transparency has gained more momentum with last week’s announcement from the Health Care Cost Institute that major health plans have agreed to provide consumers with free access to health care prices. That follows the proposed rule from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services that would require hospitals to release a standard list of prices. Growing enrollment in health plans with higher levels of consumer cost-sharing have further fueled the issue.

However, providing meaningful price information tailored to a specific patient is challenging. It can be difficult to predict in advance, for example, if a particular surgery may be straight-forward for one patient while full of unanticipated complications for another. On top of that, hospital prices do not include physician or other professional costs or how much of the cost the patient’s health plan may cover.

A task force convened by the Healthcare Financial Management Association [HFMA]  has developed guiding principles, policy considerations, and recommendations for price transparency frameworks in a new report. Its five guiding principles:

  1. Price transparency should empower patients to make meaningful price comparisons prior to care; it would also allow other care purchasers and clinicians to identify providers that offer the level of value sought for their patients.
  2. Price transparency should be easy to use and easy to communicate to stakeholders.
  3. Price transparency information should be paired with other information that defines the value of services.
  4. Price transparency should ultimately provide patients with the information they need to understand the total price of their care and what is included in that price.
  5. Price transparency will require the commitment and active participation of all stakeholders.

HFMA has also published a consumer guide to understanding healthcare prices and has compiled some examples of price transparency tools.

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