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Top Patient Safety Concerns for Healthcare Organizations, 2014

To help healthcare organizations determine where to focus their patient safety efforts, the ECRI Institute has released a list of top 10 patient safety concerns. The current concerns identified and discussed are:

  1. Data integrity failures with health information technology systems
  2. Poor care coordination with patient’s next level of care
  3. Test results reporting errors
  4. Drug shortages
  5. Failure to adequately manage behavioral health patients in acute care settings
  6. Mislabeled specimens
  7. Retained devices and unretrieved fragments
  8. Patient falls while toileting
  9. Inadequate monitoring for respiratory depression in patients taking opioids
  10. Inadequate reprocessing of endoscopes and surgical instruments

The list is based on ECRI’s analysis of patient safety events and root cause analyses submitted to its federally designated patient safety organization, ECRI Institute PSO.

Source: ECRI Institute’s top 10 patient safety concerns for healthcare organizations 2014. ECRI Institute, April 2014. https://www.ecri.org/Forms/Pages/PSRQ_Top10.aspx [Free registration required for download]

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