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Top 10 injuries treated in trauma centers, by cause, US 2012

These are 2012 data from the National Trauma Data Bank 2013 annual report, which contains records from 805 US and Canadian trauma centers, and is compiled by the American College of Surgeons.  Here are the top ten most frequent types of injuries according to what caused the injury.  Note that I left out the general categories “other” and “unspecified,” which each were at about 1 percent.  Also note that I rounded the percentages, which were reported as 2-decimal places in the original source.

  • 41 percent FALLS
  •   7 percent STRUCK BY, AGAINST
  •   5 percent TRANSPORT, OTHER
  •   5 percent CUT/PIERCE
  •   4 percent FIREARM
  •   2 percent PEDAL CYCLIST, OTHER
  •   1 percent HOT OBJECT/SUBSTANCE
  •   1 percent FIRE/FLAME
  •   1 percent MACHINERY

Of these, the most likely to result in death is FIREARM (16 percent).

Source: National Trauma Data Bank 2013: Annual Report, [2013], Table 18, and Figure 18B.  Click here for access to the full text:  http://www.facs.org/trauma/ntdb/pdf/ntdb-annual-report-2013.pdf    Posted by AHA Resource Center (312) 422-2050, rc@aha.org


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