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Children’s Health Spending: 2009-2012

The Health Care Cost Institute is out with a new report on health spending trends for children covered by private health insurance. Here are some quick 2012 numbers:

• Health care expenditures per child [ages 0-18]: $2,437
• Health care expenditures per infant/toddler [ages 0-3]: $4,446
• Health care expenditures per teenager [ages 14-18]: $2,617
• Health care expenditures share paid out-of-pocket: 17.5%
• Spending per child was higher for boys than for girls

Medical service utilization by children generally increased between 2009 and 2012, including inpatient admissions, use of professional procedures, and preventive care visits. Rising prices surpassed the greater usage in driving the increased expenditures. Except for professional procedures, resource intensity/service complexity was not a key price driver, according to the report.

Source: Children’s health spending: 2009-2012. Health Care Cost Institute, Feb. 2014. http://www.healthcostinstitute.org/childrens-health-spending-2009-2012

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