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How Much Do Hospitals Spend on Prescription Drugs?

According to IMS Health, non-federal hospitals spent $28.1 billion on non-discounted prescription drugs in 2012, or about 8.6% of the nation’s total non-discounted prescription drug tab of $325.8 billion. Data is also provided for these channels, ranked by those with the largest share of expenditures:

  • Chain stores
  • Mail service
  • Clinics
  • Independent retail
  • Non-federal hospitals
  • Food stores
  • Long term care
  • Federal facilities
  • Home health care
  • HMO
  • Miscellaneous institutions

Source: Top-line market data – U.S. spending: Channel distribution by non-discounted spending (U.S.). IMS Health, accessed Feb. 5, 2014 at http://www.imshealth.com/deployedfiles/imshealth/Global/Content/Corporate/Press%20Room/2012_U.S/Channel_Distribution_by_Non-Discounted_Spending_U.S.pdf

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