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Update: Can Hospitals Pay Patient Health Insurance Premiums?

A new legal advisory from the American Hospital Association takes the position that there is currently no federal authority to prevent hospitals from paying for patient insurance premiums on the health insurance exchanges. Nevertheless, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has expressed its concern about the practice, because it could skew the risk pool. CMS also is encouraging insurers to reject third-party payments.

Some hospitals may opt to provide patients with premium support through a hospital foundation or by donating to charitable organizations. The University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, for example, announced a donation to United Way to assist low-income people purchase health plans on the state’s health exchange.

Not-for-profit hospitals are already  required to have a written policy establishing criteria for charitable assistance to patients. Criteria for premium subsidies could be incorporated into those plans.


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Sebelius K, Secretary of Health and Human Resources letter to J McDermott, US House of Representatives re: qualified health plans are not federal health care programs subject to federal anti-kickback law, Oct. 30, 2013. http://mcdermott.house.gov/images/The%20Honorable%20Jim%20McDermott.pdf

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