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Overview of Long-Term Care Market Trends

The annual Public Payer Digest has just been published for 2013. In addition to Medicare and Medicaid trends, it includes an unexpected section on long term care that’s a useful market overview.

Here’s a list of some key trend data included and discussed on nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home care agencies, hospital-based skilled nursing facilities, and long-term care pharmacy providers:

  • Number of long-term care facilities, 2005-2012, broken out by nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home care agencies, and skilled nursing facilities
  • Number of total licensed nursing home beds as well as beds per 1000 people age 65+ for 1992-2012
  • 15 largest nursing home chains based on number of facilities
  • Nursing home revenue by bed size, 2005-2012
  • 15 largest assisted living chains in 2012 based on most facilities
  • Number of home care agencies for 2000-2012
  • 3-year comparison of home care agencies by facility type [such as hospital-based], urban vs. rural, average visits per week, and by Medicare certification status
  • Largest home care chains with the most agencies
  • Number of home care agency employees by occupation type
  • Number of home care patient visits per agency type per week
  • Number of hospital-based skilled nursing facilities [SNF] by type and size
  • SNF utilization trends, including admissions, patient days, occupancy rate, and average length of stay
  • Number of long-term care pharmacy providers, 2004-2012

Source: Forte Information Resources LLC, using data from IMS Health. Managed care digest series: Public payer digest 2013. Sanofi, Oct. 2013. https://www.managedcaredigest.com/DownloadDigests.aspx Free registration required to view/download.

Related sources:

Trends and statistics. American Health Care Association. Accessed Oct. 18, 2013 at http://www.ahcancal.org/research_data/trends_statistics/Pages/default.aspx

Hospital nursing home unit data is also available in the AHA Annual Survey Database and with subscription access to www.AHADataviewer.com. For more information, contact Health Forum data sales at 1-866-375-3633 or ahadatainfo@healthforum.com.

Posted by AHA Resource Center (312) 422-2050, rc@aha.org

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