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US average nursing home daily room rates

Daily Room Rates (US average)

  • $261/day nursing home private room (Alzheimer / dementia care)
  • $248/day nursing home private room
  • $230/day nursing home semi-private room (Alzheimer/dementia care)
  • $222/day nursing home semi-private room

Assisted Living Monthly Base Rates (US average)

  • $4807/month (Alzheimer/dementia care)
  • $3550/month

Home Health Hourly Rates (US average)

  • $21/hour home health aide
  • $20/hour homemaker

Adult Day Care Daily Rates (US average)

  • $70/day

Why I like this report?  1.) It’s free.  2.) Authoritative source.  3.) Based on a nationwide telephone survey (which must have been a remarkable piece of work to conduct).  4.) Data are broken out by state and for some cities.

Source: MetLife.  Market Survey of Long-Term Care Costs: The 2012 MetLife Market Survey of Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Adult Day Services, and Home Care Costs, Nov. 2012.  Click here for full text: https://www.metlife.com/assets/cao/mmi/publications/studies/2012/studies/mmi-2012-market-survey-long-term-care-costs.pdf  Posted by AHA Resource Center, (312) 422-2050, rc@aha.org

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