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BENCHMARKS: $3.23 per gsf mean hospital utility cost

Mean Hospital Utility Cost per Gross Square Foot: 2011

  • $2.30 electricity
  • $1.05 steam
  • $1.01 chilled water
  • $0.81 natural gas
  • $0.32 domestic water
  • $0.19 sewer
  • $0.03 fuel oil
  • $3.23 total utilities

These data are from The Benchmarking 2.0 Health care Facility Management Report,  based on 184 survey responses. The report notes that electricity represents 71 percent of utility costs and includes an interesting comparison to home electricity use:

  • 1,829.04 average kilowatt hours per patient discharge
  • So, electricity use for one patient discharge is the equivalent of over two MONTHS of typical home electricity use

Source:  Speaking their language: new report provides valuable communications tool.  HFM. Health Facilities Management;26(6):36-39, June 2013.  Click here for publisher’s website: http://www.hfmmagazine.com/hfmmagazine/jsp/articledisplay.jsp?dcrpath=HFMMAGAZINE/Article/data/06JUN2013/0613HFM_FEA_CompOps&domain=HFMMAGAZINE

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