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Community population health profiling and hot spot maps

Hot spot density maps were found to be an effective way to analyze and communicate the need for primary care in this project conducted in Alachua County, Florida, where the University of Florida (Gainesville) is located.  The maps identified such things as areas with high rates of Medicaid births, child abuse, and domestic violence.  The maps, which were shared widely in the community, were credited as being a highly effective way to portray data about health disparities.  Among the outcomes of the study was institution of a mobile clinic — a bus — staffed by UF medical students. 

Source: Hardt, N.S., and others.  Neighborhood-level hot spot maps to inform delivery of primary care and allocation of social resources.  The Permanente Journal;17(1):4-9, Winter 2013.  Click here for access: http://www.thepermanentejournal.org/files/Winter2013/Allocation.pdf Posted by AHA Resource Center, (312) 422-2050, rc@aha.org

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