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50 Largest U.S. Medical Groups

50 largest U.S. physician groups are ranked by the numbers of affiliated physicians in a regularly updated list from SK&A. The list includes the city and state location,  the number of physicians and offices, and the average count of physicians per office for each group listed.

Topping the list are Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, Cleveland Clinic, and Henry Ford Medical Group.

Also included with the ranking are separate statistics on:

  • The distribution of all physician offices in the U.S. by the size, based on the number of physicians in each office.
  • The top 20 physician specialties, with a count of physicians and office sites associated with each specialty.
  • The distribution of physician practice sites by daily patient volume.

Source: SK&A’s 50 largest medical groups. SK&A, Jan. 24, 2013. See updated link for latest report [2013 report no longer online]: http://www.skainfo.com/reports/largest-medical-groups [free regististration required to view/download]

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  1. Thanks for this information about top five USA Medical Groups…..:)

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