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Hospital Trends: Emerging Health Care Delivery, Payment Models and Care Coordination Practices

This trend overview looks at medical homes and accountable care organizations as new health care delivery models. Based on the first analysis of FY2011 data collected as part of the AHA Annual Survey conducted during 2012, just 6% of responding hospitals were participating in an ACO, while 15% indicated they had an established medical home.

The overview also looks at how many hospitals reported involvement with bundled payment models; the extent that hospitals are engaged in care coordination/transition across care settings; and hospitals’ meaningful use of electronic health records.

Health Forum is further surveying hospitals on ACO adoption, with the data planned for release later this year.

Kenward K and Bostick N. Trends 2013: Emerging health care delivery, payment models and care coordination. Health Forum, an American Hospital Association affiliate, 2013. Available for sale as pdf download at http://ams.aha.org/EWEB/DynamicPage.aspx?WebCode=ProdDetailAdd&ivd_prc_prd_key=92b0ce53-d80b-43ef-9c7b-ec1a8211806e

NOTE: Also published as introduction in 2013 AHA Hospital Statistics. Health Forum, 2013. Available for sale at http://ams.aha.org/EWEB/DynamicPage.aspx?WebCode=ProdDetailAdd&ivd_prc_prd_key=f15837e6-7d5b-4beb-ba50-0c6c381ae53b

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