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Trend Watch: Physician Practice Acquisitions, 2012-2013

Are hospitals actively acquiring physician practices, and if so, which specialties? That’s the question the first in a planned annual survey by Jackson Healthcare sets out to answer. Here are the key findings:

  • Over half of reporting hospitals had acquired or were planning to acquire physician practices.
  • Family practice and other primary care, including internal medicine and obstetrics/gynecology specialties, were of  top interest.
  • Cardiology and general surgery specialties also ranked relatively high in acquisition interest.
  • The top reason for a hospital acquiring a medical practice was physicians approaching the hospital, seeking to sell their practices. Hospitals bought them primarily to build/maintain a competitive advantage or as part of a physician recruitment strategy.

Source: Trend watch: physician practice acquisitions; tracking which physician practices hospitals are acquiring. Jackson Healthcare, 2013. http://www.jacksonhealthcare.com/media-room/surveys/trend-watch-physician-practice-acquisitions-2012-2013.aspx

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Lister E and Sagin T. Creating the hospital group practice: the advantages of employing or affiliating with physicians. Health Administration Press, 2009. More details for purchasing book: http://www.ache.org/pubs/redesign/productcatalog.cfm?PC=WWW1-2135

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