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Arguing in support of a for-profit Catholic health care entity

Ascension Health Care Network http://ahcn.com/ calls itself “the nation’s first for-profit Catholic healthcare system.”  It is a joint venture of Ascension Health and Oak Hill Capital Partners.  This article is a lengthy examination of the concepts and values associated with nonprofit health care providers generally, and Catholic providers in particular.  The characteristics of “Catholic identity” are explored.  The author concludes, “a for-profit, Catholic-owned health care entity that mindfully embraces the distinctive Catholic identity will retain most of the nonprofit characteristics closely aligned with, and perhaps integral to, the meaningful provision of the good of health care.”

Source: Carroll, K.A.  Can for-profit Catholic health care get the mission right?  Health Progress;93(3):49-59, May-June 2012.  Click here for access to full text: http://www.chausa.org/pages/our_work/mission/overview/  Posted by AHA Resource Center, (312) 422-2050, rc@aha.org

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