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ATLAS: Surgeons/100,000 population by state and county

The American College of Surgeons has sponsored a website where you can view the distribution of surgeons by specialty on a color-coded map by state and by county.  The state-level maps displays surgeons per 100,000 population for different specialties.  The county-level maps compare the “per population” ratios for surgeons as a group, for physicians as a whole, and for primary care physicians as a group.  These maps, with their accompanying data points, are based on 2011 data from the American Medical Association Physician Masterfile

Why do I like this?  It’s free!  It has data points, not just color-coded comparisons.  It comes from an authoritative data source.

Follow-up: I had a conversation with a Katie Gaul, cartographer at the ACS Health Policy Research Institute about whether this atlas includes OSTEOPATH physicians (DOs) or whether it is limited to ALLOPATHIC physicians (MDs) .  She said that osteopaths are included.  [Telephone conversation Jan. 2013.  (919) 966-6529

Source: American College of Surgeons, Health Policy Research Institute.  Atlas of the Surgical Workforce.  Click here to access the site: http://www.acshpri.org/atlas/ Posted by American Hospital Association Resource Center, (312) 422-2050, rc@aha.org

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