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ED: Operational benchmarking statistics by patient volume

One of my favorite things is to skim through an article and discover a table with great data.  We’ve got it here.  The data are based on comparative utilization and operational statistics collected by the Emergency Department Benchmarking Alliance from 358 participating hospitals — representing over 14 million emergency department visits.  Table 3 is the one that got me excited.  Here are the ED metrics included:

  • ED Patients / day
  • Percent with high CPT acuity rate
  • Percent pediatric patients
  • Admission rate
  • Transfer rate
  • EMS arrival rate
  • EMS arrival admission rate
  • Hospital admission through the ED rate
  • Patients per care space
  • ECGs / 100 ED visits
  • X-ray studies / 100 ED visits
  • CT/MRI studies / 100 ED visits
  • LBTC (left before treatment completed) rate
  • Door-to-physician time
  • ED length of stay for admitted patients
  • ED length of stay

And it gets even better — these metrics are in 5 different size categories — from the low-volume emergency departments with under 20,000 annual ED visits up to the high-volume with over 80,000. 

The findings of this research were that for certain emergency department operational performance measures, bigger (higher volume) is not better.

Source: Welch, S.J., and others.  Volume-related differences in emergency department performance.  The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety;38(9):395-402, Sept. 2012.  Click here for the publisher’s website:  http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/jcaho/jcjqs  Click here to link to the Emergency Department Benchmarking Alliance website: http://www.edbenchmarking.org/index.php Posted by AHA Resource Center, (312) 422-2050, rc@aha.org

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