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Future of health care construction

Health Facilities Management and the American Society of Healthcare Engineering have released the results of the 2012 hospital construction survey.  The double whammy of an economy still in recession and the uncertainty of how health care reform will play out have left many projects on the drawing board with no immediate plans for execution this year.  The bulk of construction activity is tied up in expansions and renovations, as opposed to new or replacement facilities.

Data are provided for the following:

  • Projects by service line
  • Projects involving building services equipment
  • Projects involving building services systems
  • Impact of reform on projects by service type
  • Prevalence and budgeting for commissioning
  • Construction budgets
  • Patient room design

The full article, complete with charts, is available online.

Carpenter, Dave, and Hoppszallern, Suzanna.  Time to build: 2012 hospital construction survey.  Health Facilities Management.  25(2):12-18, 20, February 2012.    http://www.hfmmagazine.com/hfmmagazine_app/jsp/articledisplay.jsp?dcrpath=HFMMAGAZINE/Article/data/02FEB2012/0212HFM_FEA_CoverStory&domain=HFMMAGAZINE

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