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National Growth and Distribution of Accountable Care Organizations

To assess the current distribution of accountable care organizations nationally, the consulting firm Leavitt Partners identified 164 ACOs through a variety of published sources and interviews. Each identified ACO was mapped to a state and hospital referral region. Here are some of the published findings from the ongoing study:

  • Hospitals and health systems accounted for about two-thirds of all ACO sponsors, but physician groups and insurers are also backers.
  • ACOs are unevenly distributed in the US, with poorer and rural areas less likely to have ACOs.
  • Some markets have multiple ACOs, while others have none
  • All but 9 states have an ACO, but locally, under half of health referral regions have an ACO

The report does NOT list the individual accountable care organizations identified for the analysis.

Source: Muhlestein D and others. Growth and dispersion of accountable care organizations. Leavitt Partners, Nov. 2011. http://leavittpartnersblog.com/20113262/andrew-croshaw/growth-and-dispersion-of-accountable-care-organizations. See also 2012 update post at https://aharesourcecenter.wordpress.com/2012/06/15/2012-update-on-growth-and-dispersion-of-acos/

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