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Staffing Shortages Short-Changing Quality

  • The health care professional shortage making the biggest impact on health care quality? Primary care physicians. 
  • The broadest effect of shortages on the patient experience?  Fragmented, uncoordinated care delivery.
  • The best way to reduce hospital costs in light of predicted shortages?  Increase use of quality/process engineers

These are some of the findings from an email survey conducted in February 2011 and recently released by the healthcare area of the American Society for Quality.  The report is brief (22 pages) and accessible by registering on the ASQ website.   Tables and graphs provide a wider range of responses and present results for Pennsylvania, outside Pennsylvania, and nationally.

Source:  ASQ Market Research.  Healthcare Staffing Shortage Survey Report 2011.  Milwaukee, WI: ASQ, 2011.  http://asq.org/healthcare-use/docs/healthcare-staffing-shortage-survey-report.pdf [free registration may be required]

Alternate link: http://www.milwaukeenewsbuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/ASQ-staffing-survey1.pdf

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