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2011 Hospital Energy Management Survey

Many hospitals are making progress in advancing energy efficiency but are still missing opportunities. That’s the finding from the 2011 Hospital Energy Management Survey conducted by the American Society for Healthcare Engineering of the American Hospital Association and Health Facilities Magazine. The survey updates one last conducted in 2006.

Funding for energy efficiencies remains tight, but the budget squeeze is starting to ease, and hospitals are investing more resources for energy conservation efforts. The survey results provide data on:

  • Estimated annual energy costs per square foot
  • Top 10 energy-performance monitoring and management activities
  • Top 10 building automation system controls in use
  • Initiatives being implemented to reduce energy costs
  • Top 10 energy-saving design strategies in new construction projects
  • Top 10 energy-saving design strategies in renovation projects
  • Top 10 energy initiatives in facilities design to address disasters, terrorism and mass casualties

Overall major trends and innovative practices related to hospital energy use and management are also discussed.


Carpenter D and Hoppszallern S. Advancing efficiency: 2011 hospital energy management survey. Health Facilities Management, 2011 July; 24(7):15-22. http://www.hfmmagazine.com/hfmmagazine/images/pdf/2011PDFs/HFM0711_EnergySurv.pdf

Related sources:

Carpenter D and Hoppszallern S. In search of efficiency: 2006 hospital energy survey. Health Facilities Management, 2006 June; 19(6):21-28 . http://www.hfmmagazine.com/hfmmagazine_app/jsp/articledisplay.jsp?dcrpath=HFMMAGAZINE/PubsNewsArticleGen/data/2006June/0606HFM_FEA_EnergySurvey&domain=HFMMAGAZINE

Commercial buildings energy consumption survey: 2003 CBECS detailed tables. US Energy Information Administration, 2008+ http://www.eia.gov/emeu/cbecs/cbecs2003/detailed_tables_2003/detailed_tables_2003.html [Includes data for inpatient healthcare and outpatient healthcare buildings]

Note: Results from the later 2007 CBEC survey are not being released because of a validity error; the next planned 2011 CBEC survey has been suspended due to budget cuts: http://www.eia.gov/emeu/cbecs/contents.html  Jan. 23, 2015 UPDATE: New CBEC energy consumption and expenditures data will be available beginning in spring 2015.

Amarnath KR. Commercial building energy efficiency and efficient technologies guidebook. Revision 1. Electric Power Research Institute, Nov. 2008. http://my.epri.com/portal/server.pt?space=CommunityPage&cached=true&parentname=ObjMgr&parentid=2&control=SetCommunity&CommunityID=404&RaiseDocID=000000000001018313&RaiseDocType=Abstract_id

American Society for Healthcare Engineering

Green Guide for Health Care

Practice Greenhealth

EPA Energy Star Program: Healthcare

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