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ACOs may break up the ‘one stop shop’ provider model

Although the accountable care organization (ACO) concept, by incentivizing providers to keep patients healthy, could be viewed as threatening to the traditional acute care hospital, the coming influx of older patients is likely to keep inpatient beds full.  However, this author argues that there may be a shift in the locale of non-hospital services.  The advent of ACOs may mean that there will be less of a conglomeration of services around the acute care hospital.  Rather, following the ‘active living’ model, non-inpatient facilities and services may be increasingly found closer to other normal day-to-day destinations, like libraries or business districts.  An example of this is the retail clinic.

Why I like this article:  1. The author is a VP and director of research at HKS, Inc., a global architectural firm.  2. It’s nice to see an exploration of the implications of health care reform on bricks and mortar.

Source: Debajyoti, P.  ACOs: how ACOs will influence a sweeping change in the physical environment of healthcare settingsHealthcare Design;11(6):67-72, June 2011.  Posted by AHA Resource Center, (312) 422-2050, rc@aha.org

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