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What to include in your new freestanding ER facility

St. Anthony Hospital (Oklahoma City, OK) is investing $44 million in building the first two freestanding emergency rooms to be licensed in the state of Oklahoma.  The new 52,000-sf buildings will have a full-service ER with 12 exam rooms, an imaging department, sleep center, and breast center on the ground floor, primary care physicians on the second floor, and specialists on the third.  Although these are the first freestanding ER facilities in the state of Oklahoma, this concept has been around for several years now.  Constance Nestor’s 2008 article provides an introduction to the design basics for freestanding emergency centers.

Need a count of the number of freestanding/satellite emergency departments?  It’s in the book: AHA Hospital Statistics in Table 7, which provides counts of many different types of facilities and services offered by US hospitals.

Sources: St. Anthony reveals plans for two new comprehensive facilities: home to the state’s first freestanding full service emergency rooms.  Press Release, June 27, 2011.   Nestor, C.  Essentials of freestanding emergency centersHealth Facilities Management;21(7):23-27,  July 2008.  Posted by the AHA Resource Center, (312) 422-2003, rc@aha.org

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