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Paperless board books? Check! Improved efficiency? Check! Happier board members? Check!

I love checklists, and anything  that includes a checklist is guaranteed to grab my attention.

In a recent article on streamlining hospital board operations, Kevin Poorten, president and CEO of KishHealth System, DeKalb, IL, includes a checklist of 10 factors to consider when moving to paperless board books — those sometimes cumbersome compilations of documents that are prepared in advance of a board meeting for all the members to review beforehand.  Kish now hosts a portal that allows trustees to review documents well in advance of the board meeting, conduct key word searches to find information on specific issues, and refer to previous board books that have been archived. 

The foundations of the successful initiative:

  • total board commitment
  • extensive advance planning
  • thorough training

The results:

  • increased efficiency
  • reduced preparation time
  • improved board effectiveness

And the checklist?  Check out the full text at http://www.trusteemag.com/trusteemag_app/jsp/articledisplay.jsp?dcrpath=TRUSTEEMAG/Article/data/06JUN2011/1106TRU_aboveboard_practicalmatters&domain=TRUSTEEMAG

Source: Poorten, Kevin.  A portal to better governance.  Trustee.  64(6):6-7, June 2011.

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