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Parents like single patient room NICUs

Sanford Children’s Hospital (Sioux Falls, SD) opened the Boekelheide Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in mid-2006 to replace a traditional open-bay NICU that had a total capacity of 40 neonates.  The new single-family-room NICU has 43 rooms, sized at 200 to 250 sf, natural lighting, and many amenities for parents.  Satisfaction surveys demonstrate that there is a statistically significant improvement in parent satisfaction with the new model.

Why I like this article:  It has drawings of the old and new floorplans and a photo of one of the new patient rooms.  It mentions nurse staffing (caseloads) under the old and new models.  Also included is some hard to find data on NICU length of stay, tucked into one of the tables.  Remember this is just one hospital, but their NICU length of stay was around three weeks. 

Source: Stevens, D.C., and others.  A comparison of parent satisfaction in an open-bay and single-family neonatal intensive care unit.  HERD;4(3):110-123, Spring 2011.  Posted by AHA Resource Center, (312) 422-2050, rc@aha.org

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